Information Destruction and Consulting

Shredding Services Process

Locked Bins

Shred Aware provides you with the bin(s) of your choice to secure sensitive documents prior to shredding. All bins lock for security and a set of keys are provided to you for easy and controlled access.                                      

Pick Up and Transportation

    • Shred Aware provides professional and prompt service that does not interrupt or hinder workflow. Because we are a local company, our pick up schedule can be flexible to best fit the needs of you and your business.
    • Upon pick-up, bins are replaced by empty, identically-sized bins, unless otherwise requested. Or, bin contents are transferred into a larger, 64 gallon bin for removal.
    • For onsite shredding, all contents are placed into a 64 gallon bin that will be shredded in our truck at your location.
    • All bins are locked before being placed in the company truck, and Shred Aware trucks always remain locked when unattended.
    • Upon pick up, we provide a receipt indicating date of pick up, the type, and the quantity of material collected.            
    • We document the chain of custody for all material. Every pick up is tracked to assure that material is destroyed properly and promptly and to assure that the material remains secure throughout the entire process.                        


    • All material is stored in Shred Aware’s locked facility until destruction.
    • All material is destroyed by our industrial shredders within three business days, unless it is a purge, in which case material is destroyed within 15 business days. A purge is defined as at least:
      • 10 boxes or fifteen 64 gallon bins of paper, or
      • 50 lbs of electronic waste or 10 hard drives.
    • Customers will receive notice if shredding will not be finished within three days.
    • For added precaution, we require an employee to visually inspect all material shredded at our facility as it comes out of the machine, to guarantee that it meets Shred Aware’s stringent qualifications
    • Shredded material is compressed and formed into large bales.
    • Electronic materials, including hard drives, central processing units (CPUs), CDs, floppy disks, flash drives, VHS tapes, cell phones, and other electronic media, are physically destroyed with our hard drive shredder. The serial number of all hard drives and CPUs will be recorded and relayed back to the customer after destruction.

After Destruction

While all paper is thoroughly shredded, we still take extra precaution even after it had been baled.

    • Bales are stored in Shred Aware’s secure warehouse until they are picked up for delivery to the recycling mill.
    • Bales are directly transported in a covered delivery truck to a mill in California.
    • All material undergoes a de-inking and pulping process before being recycled back into paper products.


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