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Electronic Media Shredding

In this new age of technology, people are quickly learning the importance of protecting their electronically-stored information. When you dispose of an old computer or CDs/Floppy discs/etc you are at risk of someone accessing all of the information stored on that device, including personal information and credit card and bank account numbers. Physical destruction is the most secure and safe method of disposal and Shred Aware can do just that! With our very industrial hard drive shredder, three strong blades tear electronic media apart, guaranteeing that your information stays safe.

    • We can safely shred most types of electronic media, including hard drives, CPUs, floppy disks, CDs, VHS tapes, cassette tapes, flash drives, cell phones, video game systems and more!
    • We can provide you with a locking bin and regular pick-ups, or we can take everything in one purge.
    • We issue a Certificate of Destruction, which includes the dates of media pick-up and destruction as well as the serial numbers of all destroyed hard drives and CPUs, for your records.
    • We can extract hard drives and return the computer(s) back to you; or we can recycle and dispose of the computer(s) for you.

Shred Aware also offers electronic waste removal for items that don’t need to be shredded!


Check out the shredding power of our hard drive and electronic media shredder!


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